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WIBA 2021 Shortlist Announced

Pandemics, lockdowns and novel coronaviruses (Year Two) once again did not stop self-published authors from around the country submitting their books to the Whistler Independent Book Awards. The evaluating committee assessed all the entries and is pleased to announce the shortlisted nominees for the 2021 WIBAs.

The fiction nominees are:

Valerie Dunsmore for Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit
Andréa Fehsenfeld for A Rainbow Like You
Katrin Horowitz for Just This
Pamela McGarry for The Unsuitable Bride
Don McLellan for Ouch: 20 Stories
Byron T.D. Smith for Windfall: A Henry Lysyk Mystery

The non-fiction nominees are:

Elke Babicki for Identity:  From Holocaust to Home
Roxi Harms for The Upside of Hunger
Fran Hurcomb for Breaking Trail: Northern Stories from a Simpler Time
Beth Kaplan for Loose Woman: My Odyssey from Lost to Found
Angie Littlefield for Tom Thomson’s Fine Kettle of Friends
Tommy Schnurmacher for Makeup Tips from Auschwitz: How Vanity Saved My Mother’s Life

The shortlisted nominees will be judged by Canadian Authors members and the finalists will be announced July 16, 2021.

Every book submitted was professionally read and assessed. Authors not shortlisted will receive their evaluations by July 31, 2020.

The Whistler Independent Book Awards provide independently published authors with a unique opportunity to have their work recognized through a juried process.

Winners will be announced during the 19th Whistler Writers Festival, 15–18 October, 2020.