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WIBA 2023 Shortlist Announced

The evaluating committee assessed all the entries and is pleased to announce the shortlisted nominees for the 2023 Whistler Independent Book Awards.

The fiction nominees are:

Renny DeGroot for Heritage House
Marion Ehrenberg for The Language of Dreams
Jill MacLean for The Arrows of Mercy
Bernice Santos for Ghosts of a Cure
Anne M. Smith-Nochasak for The Ice Widow
Tom Stewart for Immortal North

The non-fiction nominees are:

Eleanor Boyle for Mobilize Food! Wartime Inspiration for Environmental Victory Today
Marilyn Carr for Nowhere Like This Place: Tales from a Nuclear Childhood
Bob Henderson and Sean Blenkinsop (editors) for Paddling Pathways: Reflections from a Changing Landscape
Chief Robert Joseph for Namwayut: A Pathway to Reconciliation
Karin Konoval for On Constance
Brendyn Zachary for The Backpacker Lifecycle

The children’s nominees are:

Lana de Bastiani (illustrations Janet Lacey ) for The Fox and My Boot
H. Pham-Fraser (illustrations Akemi) for The Little Girl
Helen Row Toews for The Legacy: Volume Three of the Runstaff Chronicles
Paul Shore and Deborah Katz Henriquez (illustrations Prashant Miranda) for Steve and Eve Save the Planet: I Can Hear Your Heart Beep
Troy Townsin (illustrations Trish Glab) for Cressie
Rud Verhagen for The Last Green Dragon

The shortlisted nominees will be judged by Canadian Authors members and the finalists will be announced July 17, 2023.

Every book submitted is peer-reviewed and assessed. Authors not shortlisted will receive their evaluations by August 15, 2023.

The Whistler Independent Book Awards provide independently published authors with a unique opportunity to have their work recognized through a juried process.

Winners will be announced during the Whistler Writers Festival, 12–15 October, 2023.