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WIBA 2024 Shortlist Announced

The evaluating committee assessed all the entries and is pleased to announce the shortlisted nominees for the 2024 Whistler Independent Book Awards.

The fiction nominees are:

Karen Barrow for Palmyra
Tim Hanley for Occurence at Five Finger
Isis Maria Henriquez for Mangoes and Snowflakes
Elizabeth Oldham for Tail of Humanity
Hannah D. State for Journey to the Dark Galaxy
Daphne Leonie Wright for On Love and Death and Belonging

The non-fiction nominees are:

Angie Counios for My List, My Rules: The Year a Checklist Saved My Life
Lynn Gale for L’Opacité: A Collection of Poetry
Adam L. Harris for A Canadian Jew in Uncle Sam’s Army: Darkly Humorous Recollections of Disparity, Irony and Narrowly Surviving During the Cold War
Barbara Leimsner for Quitting the Master Race: A Daughter’s Journey to Break the Bonds of Hate
Bonnie McGhie for Hard Landings: Chasing a Dream in Canada’s Changing Arctic
Kelly McKenzie for Never, Never, Hardly Ever: A Mother-Daughter Story of Antiques and Antics

The children’s nominees are:

L.G. Anderson (illustrations J.E. Corbett, contributions J.K. Kobylko) for The Lost Spirit
Bruce A. Hanson for Double Cross
Judith Silverthorne for The Treasure Box
P.S. Whatever for Time: Secrets of the Under-Under World
D.F. Whibley for One Arctic Night
Ramona Wildeman (illustrations Lou Dahl) for Siege of Herons — Collective Nouns Alphabetically

The shortlisted nominees will be judged by Canadian Authors members and the finalists will be announced July 18, 2024.

Every book submitted is peer-reviewed and assessed. Evaluations for authors not shortlisted will be sent out from  August 19, 2024.

The Whistler Independent Book Awards provide independently published authors with a unique opportunity to have their work recognized through a juried process.

Winners will be announced during the Whistler Writers Festival, 12–15 October, 2023.