• Authors must be either Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada
  • The author must have paid all costs associated with the production of the book
  • All entries must be available for purchase in physical form (ebook-only publications not eligible)
  • The book must be copyrighted within the last six years and the author must retain all rights


  • $125 plus GST per fiction, non-fiction and children’s book entry (Paypal, credit card, or cheque made payable to Vivalogue Publishing)
  • The fee is refundable only in the case of the entry being ruled ineligible


  • One copy of each book entered to the competition must be mailed to:

    Deborah Wade,
    Whistler Independent Book Awards Administrator,
    PO Box 28017,
    Kelowna RPO,
    East Kelowna, BC V1W 4A6

  • Copies submitted will not be returned to the author


  • Members of Canadian Authors Association review all books submitted and provide a detailed written evaluation for the author. These valuable evaluations/reviews are one of the key benefits of participating in the WIBAs, and the cost is included in the submission fee
  • The opinions and recommendations contained in the evaluations are the professional opinions of the judges and are deemed to have been solicited by the author
  • All content in this evaluation is confidential and will not be disclosed by the WIBA administrators to any third party without the prior permission of the submitting author
  • The author has the right to use any or all of the evaluation for personal or promotional purposes
  • NOTE: long books (those that exceed 95,000 words) may not be read to the same depth as standard-length books, with the reviewer still ensuring that their assessment of the book accurately reflects the book in its entirety.


What qualifies as non-fiction?

The Non-Fiction category is intended to recognize literary treatment of factual material. Creative non-fiction that uses imagined dialogue or description to enhance a true story is eligible. Manuals and catalogues intended to provide factual information only are not eligible as the judges would have no basis to assess the literary merit of the submission. If you require further clarification, contact us.

My book is young adult fiction. Will it be judged in the fiction or children’s category?

Young adult fiction is judged in the fiction category.  Books intended for an under-13 audience will be judged in the children’s category. If you require further clarification, contact us.

Is my book eligible if I received grant funding or I crowd-sourced?

Yes, as long as your grant was not specifically intended to cover the costs of publication. If you received grant funding after your book was published, or if your grant was awarded for research/writing purposes, your book is eligible. If you received grant funding in order to pay for printing or other publication costs, your book is not eligible as you did not assume the financial risk normally associated with independent publishing.

What about hybrid publishing?

In general, these book ARE eligible, but the Awards Committee will make a determination on a case-by-case basis. Most “hybrid publishers” still require the author to pay for all costs related to bringing the book to readers.

How are entries evaluated by the Selection Committee?

The Selection Committee assesses each book on the quality of the writing and narrative, based on substantial opening, middle and closing sections of each entry. Design and production values are also considered. All shortlisted books are read in full.