The Whistler Independent Book Awards
The Writers' Union of Canada
Canadian Authors Association

WIBA 2020 and Covid-19

From their self-isolation and social distancing, Canadian authors have been enquiring if the Whistler Independent Book Awards are still going ahead. The answer is YES. Submissions are being accepted, and the evaluation process is underway. Hard copies of entries are processed by one member of the WIBA team at a time, and forwarded to Canadian Author reviewers across the country via Canada Post. The deadline for online submissions is April 30, 2020, and hard copies of the book(s) entered must be received by our office no later than Thursday, May 7, 2020.

The WIBAs wish all writers and readers a safe and healthy Spring.

Administered by Vivalogue Publishing, Canadian Authors and the Whistler Writing Society, the awards are presented by The Writers’ Union of Canada.